Roleplaying Lore

A Space Station adrift at the edge of nowhere

(Station Advertising Snippets)

“Sporting condominiums, a shopping plaza and even a trendy “Tiki Bar” nightclub, Space Station <REDACTED> is your new luxury home among the stars. Townhouse style condominiums are now available for purchase.”

“Daily hyper-light shipments ensure fresh foods and luxury goods are always available to the station residents.”

“..equipped with a state-of-the-art Holo Grid system to allow residents the very best in virtual reality entertainment.”

(Resident Correspondence Snippet)

“Living on the station is amazing!

(Station Log Snippet)

“At 22:00 Space Station <REDACTED>¬† lost contact. All attempts to communicate have failed.

It has been years since last hyper-light shipment.

The Station Computer – “something is deeply wrong with it”

(Security Log Snippet)

“It has locked down all communications and has control of all station functions. We are going to try forcibly rebooting the computer.”

(Log Snippet)

“…It is also a clown now for some reason.”



The Surface – “out of the frying pan and into the fire”

(Log Snippet)

“These moon rocks can be refined into both fuel and components for the Space Station. We may not starve to death after all.”

(Engineering Log Snippet)

“Everything is breaking. What will we do when the last 3D printer finally breaks down?”


The Holo Grid – “shining jewel of escapism”

(Station Urchin Diary Snippet)

“I just need a few more station credits and I can jack-on for the whole weekend. Just a few more hours of mining should do it.”