Races grant your character bonuses to health and energy. Change your race with the command </race change>. There is a long cool-down time between changing races.


Humans™ – Genetically “perfect” clones determined to maintain the species’ purity. They consider all other “Human” races to be genetically contaminated. Large portions of their genetic code are the proprietary intellectual property of a certain nefarious Earth-based organization.

Cannot become “Augmented” or “Space Vampire” classes.

Neo-Sapiens – Neo-Sapiens’ is a colloquial term for the more bestial sapient creatures found in the Universe. Their looks and cultures are incredibly varied. Notable sub-races include the Dogmen Continuum and the Crab-People of the Pleiades Star Cluster.

Cannot become “Engineer”, “Scientist” or “Grid-Runner” classes.

Star-Children – Humans who have abandoned terrestrial life in favor of life in orbit. Physically frail, they have developed the powers of their minds and technology to manipulate the Universe. Star-Children are the longest lived; living many hundreds of years if they can afford it.

Cannot become “Survivor” or “Space Vampire” classes.

Outlanders – Disciplined Humans from distant worlds who have adapted to alien environments. They are strong and rugged due to having to survive on harsh worlds.

Cannot become “Scientist” or “Grid-Runner” classes


Zeta-Reticulans – Crafty traders and travelers, they are sometimes mistakenly called “Grays” when spotted in their space suits. These “little green men” have been meddling in Human affairs for many centuries to the consternation of Earth-based authorities.

Cannot become “Mercenary” or “Space Vampire” classes.

Flesh-Sculptors – Wretched creatures who have embraced radical genetic engineering to become twisted masses of roiling flesh. They are often reptilian or squid-like in appearance, due to their mottled, constantly pealing skin and love of prehensile tentacles.

Cannot become “Engineer” classes.


Other – The Universe is a very big place. Who are we to tell you what you can be?